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Penny stocks trade at less than $5 per share. They are highly volatile and incredibly risky investments that can burn new and seasoned investors alike; they often serve as the playground for scam artists and market manipulators. However, while penny stocks can be halved in the blink of an eye, they can also double much more quickly than large-cap stocks. Investors interested in penny stocks should be aware of the risks and do their due diligence before making an investment. Read on to find out how to profit without getting scammed.

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Fisker Stock: 7 Things to Know as Fisker Files for Bankruptcy

Fisker stock is plunging today on news that the company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Here's what investors need to know.

Why Is Fisker (FSRN) Stock Down 55% Today?

Fisker stock is falling hard on Tuesday as investors sell FSRN shares after the EV company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Why Is Reliance Global (RELI) Stock Up 283% Today?

Reliance Global stock is up on Tuesday with heavy trading of RELI shares after updating investors on its acquisition of Spetner Associates.

Fisker Stock Alert: Fisker Files for Ch. 11 Bankruptcy

This is the second failed auto start-up for founder Henrik Fisker, a Danish car designer known for designing luxury cars.

Why Is Quantum (QMCO) Stock Down 32% Today?

Quantum stock is down on Tuesday as investors in QMCO shares react to the company's earnings report for fiscal 2024 this morning.

Why Is Aerwins Technologies (AWIN) Stock Down 54% Today?

Aerwins Technologies stock is falling hard on Tuesday as investors in AWIN shares prepare for them to be delisted this morning.

Why Is Actelis Networks (ASNS) Stock Up 144% Today?

Actelis Networks stock is up with heavy trading of ASNS shares after signing Carahsoft Technology as a new supply partner.

Why Is NLS Pharmaceutics (NLSP) Stock Up 163% Today?

NLS Pharmaceutics stock is up on Tuesday with heavy trading of NLSP shares despite a lack of news from the company this morning.

Dear Fisker Stock Fans, Mark Your Calendars for June 20

Among the EV stocks investors are watching closely, Fisker stock remains decimated, trading for just pennies right now.

Why Is Ovid Therapeutics (OVID) Stock Down 69% Today?

Ovid Therapeutics stock is down on Monday with heavy trading of OVID shares after the company reported a failed Phase3 clinical trial.

Why Is Mustang Bio (MBIO) Stock Up 347% Today?

Mustang Bio stock is up on Monday with heavy trading of MBIO shares alongside its positive Phase 1/2 clinical trial data.

Interactive Strength (TRNR) Stock Surges 129% After Reverse Stock Split

Interactive Strength stock is up on Monday as shares of TRNR see heavy trading following a reverse stock split on Friday.

Will a 1-for-20 Reverse Split Save Workhorse (WKHS) Stock?

The reverse split will give Workhorse time to get its business in order. But if it can’t generate a profit, it won’t have much time.

Why Is Kaival Brands Innovations (KAVL) Stock Down 33% Today?

Kaival Brands Innovations stock is down on Monday after shares of KAVL underwent a massive rally on Friday that sent it over 300% higher!

Why Is ENDRA Life Sciences (NDRA) Stock Up 36% Today?

ENDRA Life Sciences stock is up on Monday with heavy trading of NDRA shares following a shareholder update from the company.

Why Is Scinai Immunotherapeutics (SCNI) Stock Up 88% Today?

Scinai Immunotherapeutics stock is up on Monday with heavy trading of SCNI shares despite a lack of news from the company.

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