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InvestorPlace is one of America’s largest, longest-standing independent financial research firms.

Started in 1973 by a business visionary named Tom Phillips, we publish detailed research and recommendations for self-directed investors, financial advisors and money managers. Most of our products are sold on a subscription basis, much like newspapers and magazines, but we also offer daily investment advice on specific companies, cryptocurrency, and other investing strategies and trends, free of charge.

Unlike many financial firms, InvestorPlace does not accept money from the companies we cover. We don’t accept banking fees. We simply publish our ideas with the aim of enriching and educating investors. If we do our jobs well, our customers stick around. It’s a simple, transparent business model investors have loved since the 1970s.

At InvestorPlace, we aim to provide what we call the “Three Es” – Enrich, Educate and Entertain our readers. Our goal is to alert you to massive business trends, big dangers, and when there’s an opportunity to make big, fast gains in rapidly developing booms. We have millions of readers that rely on our expertise to help them make informed investing decisions. We hope you’ll let us serve you.

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Our Track Record

Mid 1980s

In the mid-1980s, our analysts forecasted the personal computer boom and helped investors make big gains in computer stocks.

Early 1990s

Our analysts recommended Internet stocks in the early 1990s ... years before they became "hot."

1980s & 1990s

We forecasted the historic bull market of the 1980s and 1990s.


Our analysts warned investors that tech stocks were becoming dangerous in 2000 … and shorted many of them, helping readers make big gains as they collapsed.


Our analysts urged investors to buy gold in 2002, right before it soared more than 500%.


We urged people to buy Apple when it traded for the equivalent of $4 per share… We urged people to buy Amazon before it soared over 2,000% ... and we recommended Google stock way back in 2004, before it became the world dominating stock it is today.


One of our analysts forecasted the 2008 mortgage meltdown and the bankruptcy of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


We urged people to load up on cheap stocks in 2009, right before they soared hundreds of percent.

Since 1970s - Now

Our work has been featured in publications such as Barron’s, Time and The Wall Street Journal. Our analysts have made over 1,000 appearances in outlets like Bloomberg, CNN and CNBC. We’ve even appeared on ABC’s "Good Morning America."

Our Analysts

InvestorPlace is home to some of the nation’s most successful independent investing analysts. Our goal is to make your investing decisions easy and very profitable. We offer such a wide range of advice, it doesn’t matter what type of investor you are — you’ll find exactly the kind of insight you need to profit in any market condition.

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Premium Investing Services

We’ve built our subscription services in conjunction with some of the world’s leading investment analysts. Inside our products, you’ll find a range of useful, interesting — and most importantly ACTIONABLE — insights and recommendations.

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Editorial Standards

InvestorPlace.com prides itself on the quality of the informed, opinionated financial analysis we provide. Our writers and editors work tirelessly to ensure the stories we publish meet the rigid standards of our publishing guidelines. These standards encourage writers to utilize their unique experiences to create compelling stories that are 1) backed by facts, 2) free from outside influence, and 3) are transparent in the disclosure of potential conflicts of interest.

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Editorial Feedback

We strive for accuracy and transparency in the content we publish. We also welcome commentary on the news and analysis that appears on InvestorPlace.com. If you would like to submit a correction or provide general feedback, please contact us at the email below.

Sarah Holzmann, Editor in Chief, InvestorPlace.com


Ownership Disclosures

InvestorPlace.com writers are passionate about investing, and many hold positions in the markets. At the same time, we understand that there is both real and implied bias that may come with writing about a company that the writer owns.

Many of our writers expressly avoid covering stocks they own themselves, in large part because we often hear from readers that they don’t want any real or perceived bias in our articles. Other writers do cover stocks they own, because it shows the passion of their conviction.

InvestorPlace.com believes in transparency and we owe it to our readers to be clear regarding a writer’s personal position in any stocks or cryptos he or she covers. As such, we demand all writers disclose if they hold a position in any security mentioned in each article so that our readers can make up their own mind about what impact that ownership may have on the writer’s opinion. Further, our editors are prohibited from allowing their holdings from influencing the editorial feedback they would provide to writers.

Our disclosure policy does not extend to securities held within mutual funds or exchange-traded funds.

Leadership Team

Andrew Taylor, Chief Growth Officer (Alta)

Luis Hernandez, Editor in Chief (Alta) 

Josh Skelton, Chief Operating Officer (Alta) 

Tyler Seabolt, Director of Business Operations

Justin Fadgen, General Manager, InvestorPlace.com

Sarah Holzmann, Editor in Chief, InvestorPlace.com

About ҴýWise

InvestorPlace is a wholly owned subsidiary of .

started in 1999 with one brand and the simple idea to publish intelligent, independent, insightful and in-depth investment research and treat the self-directed investor the way we would want to be treated.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality, independent, and spirited investment research, as well as several software and analytical tools, on a subscription basis. ҴýWise’s 90+ editors cover a broad spectrum of investments — ranging from commodities to equities, to distressed debt and cryptocurrencies — offering 160 products on multiple platforms through 12 customer-facing brands.


Our team is made up of the brightest and most talented people in our industry. But it’s not just talent that drives success here — we surround ourselves with people we enjoy working with. Whether we’re collaborating on a challenging project or laughing together on a virtual after-hours trivia competition, our camaraderie makes us feel like family. Our company isn’t just a place where you can grow a long-term career (many of our team members have been here for years… even decades), it’s a place where you can fulfill your potential and build lifelong friendships. See our open positions at .